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home | Feature Articles | Blocking in Self Defense

Blocking in Self Defense
Shihan Michael Pace

The Concept of Blocking in Self Defense.

Traditional martial arts teach us how to block. They drill
block and counter, block and counter.

Many of the training drills for example, one step and
three step sparring drills, are based on this principle.
It is no wonder after training for a while we think in
these terms. Block the attack or threat and counter attack.

While there are certainly reasons to block in a real attack,
the focus should be on attacking. Over the years we have
centered more on stop hits and pre-emptive type attacks as
opposed to block and counter.

Most of the foremost self defense instructors in the country
do not teach any traditional blocks at all. They teach their
students to cover, stop hit, destroy the attacking weapon or
pre-empt the attack with your own.

Consider the concept of momentum. If your attacker is throwing
a barrage of punches and kicks and you are back pedaling who
is in command. Who is off balance and who is in control.

If we get focused on block and counter we set ourselves up for
a blitz type attack.

We need to gain the momentum from the start and attack immediately
when the threat is there or just becoming evident. This way you
get your attacker back on his heels taking elbows, knees, and
head butts.

We continue to get great feedback from our Street Self Defense 101
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reference to help them practice the techniques
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I am surprised to find out that most of the students don't know
we have the both Volume I and Volume II in book form on CD.

The files are PDF so they open on just about all computers and
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You will find them right under the Street Self Defense videos.

Shihan Michael Pace

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