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Part II Self Defense on the Ground - Attacker Choking
Shihan Michael Pace

Part II How to Defend on the Ground - Attacker Choking

5. Driving your attacker off to the side, use your knee kicks into his groin. Repeat until you feel you have caused him sufficient pain or injury that you can escape.


6. An alternate attack from this position is an eye poke. This can be done with the fingers or in this case with the thumb.


7. Palm strikes to the face are also available from this position. Should the attacker fall flat on his back you can use the defenses illustrated for “On the Ground -Arms Pinned” as they are the same.


8. When you feel it’s safe, get to your feet, always keeping a close eye on your attacker. Go get help or get to safety.



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·  Self Defense on the Ground - Attacker Choking