Self Defense Against a Rear Strangle
Shihan Michael Pace

How to Defend Against a Rear Strangle

  1. The rear strangle is one of the most common and most dangerous attacks. You must act quickly or your airway will be cut off or even worse your blood supply to the brain, causing unconsciousness in only a few seconds.

  2. The first thing you must do is to pull down hard with both hands on his arm and move your chin into the bend of his elbow. This will clear the airway and avoid direct pressure on the carotid artery.

  3. Next, drive an elbow strike into his ribs or solar plexus area. To make this strike effective it is important to bring the striking arm up at a 44 degree angle. This will insure a direct hit.

  4. Using the same hand, bring it down into the groin with either a hammer fist strike or a slap.

  5. Using the same hand, bring it up with a back fist strike to the face. It is important to keep the same 45 degree angle for the hammerfist to the groin and the backfist to the face as you did for the elbow strike.

  6. (Shown from a slightly different angle) The next strike is an elbow to the ribs using the other hand.



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