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home | Visual Tutorials | Defending Against a Roundhouse Punch . . .

Defending Against a Roundhouse Punch(Sucker Punch).
Shihan Michael Pace

How to Defend Against a Roundhouse Punch(Sucker Punch).

  1. The roundhouse or ‘sucker punch’ is a very common street attack. As the punch starts to come in or even better, as the person rears back or drops their punching arm shoulder (all tell-tale signs a punch is coming) prepare to block the punch with your arm as you either step forward or back.

  2. Which direction you step will depend on the distance the person is when the punch starts. I find that students quickly “feel” which direction to step so that they can implement a good block. Immediately grab his punching arm and retract your opposite hand in preparation for a strike.

  3. Deliver several punches to the nose area while pulling in on your attackers punching arm.

  4. Taking the same hand you punched with, slip it behind his head and grab the back of his neck. Be sure to grab the neck and not the back or shoulders. You will have more leverage on the neck. Pull down hard to bring his head down.



This clip is taken from Street Self Defense 101. Please visit http://www.easy-self-defense.com for more details.

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